For parents who want a 
calm & focused child 
so they can get back to normal family experiences.
The 4 Secrets That Finally 
Reduced My Son’s ADHD Symptoms 

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In this FREE training you’ll discover:
  • Why medication is NOT the only way to reduce symptoms like you may have heard. I’ll explain the 4 essential elements needed to reduce ADHD symptoms that helps your child reach their true potential best while bringing back that peace and calm to your family life.
  • ​What to NEVER feed your child and why. (If you get this wrong it will increase inflammation in their brain and may increase symptoms. 
  • The truth about CAUSES of symptoms (and it’s probably not what you think) – get this wrong and you may be continually be fighting symptoms or definitely not helping to reduce them.
  • ​​The single most important element to reducing ADHD symptoms as proven by 1000s of children (and my own son).
  • ​​What to NEVER forget in helping your child. Leave this out and you’ll struggle to reduce their ADHD symptoms.
  • ​​​and so much more...
Hosted by Dana Kay, BCHHP, FDN-P
Hi! I'm Dana Kay....
I’m Dana Kay, board certified holistic health and nutrition practitioner and the founder of ADHD Thrive Method AKA Fighting ADHD Symptoms with Food, but most importantly I am a mom with a son who has ADHD and I have been there.

With my firsthand experience and practical education, I have helped hundreds of families (including my own) to fight ADHD & anxiety symptoms with food using my proven method. I am so passionate about sharing the knowledge so other families just like mine can thrive.
For Parents Who Want To Bring Back Calm & Peace To Their House and Help Their Child Thrive.

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Do you want to bring back the peace in your house???

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No meltdowns for 2 weeks

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Mom of a 6 year old is shocked by the results!

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